About this blog

I started blogging in February 2007 and I have been blogging in Italian (on Language as an Instrument of Knowledge and on Nature in Indian Philosophy) and in English (a part from occasional guest posts, in this blog, the current one and also on Philosophers’ Cocoon).

This blog aims at being useful. My target readers are people who can come to know something through it (e.g., they learn how to translate a given text, how to apply for a grant, what is at stake in a given debate and so on) or, even better, who can feel empowered through it. I continue blogging, although blogging takes much time (and is only detrimental to my career), because of people who write me saying that my blog motivated them to study further.

This blog is not aimed at offending, at creating polemics or at attacking people (if you feel attacked, let me know and I will be happy to update the post). There are no hidden meanings since I am unable to use metaphors and indirect language (due to my low EQ). I believe in the existence of an ideal ekumene of knowledge and I want to contribute to it by offering what I can. This is also the reason why my articles are available on line (on my Academia.edu page), why I welcome discussion on my drafts (in sessions on Academia) and why I organise debates such as the ones hosted at the Coffee Break Conferences.

Last but not least: This blog is by NO MEANS connected with the various institutions which have hosted, host or will host me. It only represents my personal opinions and should not be read as implying that one or the other institute endorses, approves, disagrees or even ever thought about them. These are just my ideas.

Comments and discussions are welcome. Be sure you are making a point and contributing to the discussion.