Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts

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The latest issue of the Buddhist Studies Review (33.1—2, 2016) has been published online. The printed issue will follow soon.

The core of the issue is constituted by a collection of articles on the topic of “Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts” and edited by Elisa Freschi together with Cathy Cantwell and Jowita Kramer. Please scroll down for the table of contents.

I would be happy to receive any feedback on the project of dealing with reuse and intertextuality within the specific subfield of Buddhist texts. The Introduction is available OA on

P.S. the TOC below replaces the wrong one which was erroneously sent out on Monday the 23rd.

Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts

Guest edited by Elisa Freschi, Cathy Cantwell and Jowita Kramer

Table of Contents

—Introduction: Reuse and Intertextuality in the Context of Buddhist Texts [Open Access]
Elisa Freschi, Cathy Cantwell 1-7

Reuse in Buddhist śāstric texts

—Reuse of Text in Pāli Legal Commentaries
Petra Kieffer-Pulz 9-45
—Some Remarks on Sthiramati and his Putative Authorship of the Madhyāntavibhāgaṭīkā, the *Sūtrālaṃkāravṛttibhāṣya and the Triṃśikāvijñaptibhāṣya
Jowita Kramer 47-63
—Veṅkaṭanātha’s Engagement with Buddhist Opponents in the Buddhist Texts he Reused
Elisa Freschi 65-99

Reuse in Buddhist narrative literature

—Walking the Deckle Edge: Scribe or Author? Jayamuni and the Creation of the Nepalese Avadānamālā Literature
Camillo A. Formigatti 101-140

Reuse in Buddhist canonical literature

—Intertextuality, Contradiction, and Confusion in the Prasādanīya-sūtra, Sampasādanīya-sutta, and 自歡喜經 (Zì huānxǐ jīng)
Charles DiSimone 141-162
—Re-making, Re-marking, or Re-using? Hermeneutical Strategies and Challenges in the Guhyasamāja Commentarial Literature
Paul G. Hackett 163-179

Reuse in Tibetan Buddhist texts

—Re-presenting a Famous Revelation: Dudjom Rinpoche’s Work on the ‘Ultra Secret Razor Lifeforce Vajrakīlaya’ (yang gsang srog gi spu gri) of Pema Lingpa (padma gling pa, 1450–1521)
Cathy Cantwell 181-202
—Rewritten or Reused? Originality, Intertextuality, and Reuse in the Writings of a Buddhist Visionary in Contemporary Tibet
Antonio Terrone 203-231

Final Reflections

—Thoughts on Originality, Reuse, and Intertextuality in Buddhist Literature Derived from the Contributions to the Volume
Vesna A. Wallace

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