After the 6th Coffee Break Conference

The 6th CBC has taken place in Rome, 17–19 September 2015. In case you could not join, you can read the program and download the book of abstracts here. Now that I am back in Vienna, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks:

—to my co-organisers for having got in touch with so many interesting scholars, having laid out the book of abstracts and much more.
—to the speakers who came back, for their desire to come back and contribute year after year. One of the best things of the conference was the moment I realised that the people who had taken part to previous CBCs were feeling more confident and improving their skills in communicating ideas and discussing them.
—to the speakers who came for the first time, they greatly enriched our group with new ideas and challenges. Thanks also for having immediately adjusted to the new “relaxed” environment. It felt like you belonged to the group since its beginnings.
—to the listeners, who are great part of the success of any CBC, since they are constantly expected to be more than just listeners. Thanks for your insightful remarks, challenging questions (and for your patience).

One cannot but look forward for many more exciting CBCs in the future!

Comments and discussions are welcome. Be sure you are making a point and contributing to the discussion.

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