My collective projects for 2015

Even if we are friends or pen friends or acquaintances, I will not be able to reach you with all my next Call for Papers. Please do not feel offended. I hold a blog exactly in order to reach out to the small community of people working philosophically on South Asian texts.

Thus, feel free to ask more concerning the following projects (more detailed Call for Papers will follow on this very blog):

  1. Coffee Break Conference 2015, in Venice. The conference will focus on the general topic “Comparison and Comparatism” (you can find a draft of the preliminary discussions leading to the ideation of the conference here). I will host a panel on comparative theology.
  2. World Sanskrit Conference 2015, in Bangkok, I will host a panel together with Marcus Schmücker on the development of Viśiṣṭādvaita Vedānta theology from Nāthamuni to Vedānta Deśika (further details about the WSC here). Click here for the CfP
  3. 10th Annual International Conference on Philosophy (Atiner) 2015, in Athens. I plan to submit a panel with Malcolm C. Keating on philosophy of language.

Comments and discussions are welcome. Be sure you are making a point and contributing to the discussion.

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