One Year PG Diploma in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics

The Department of Sanskrit Studies of the University of Hyderabad introduces a new programme “P.G. Diploma in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics” under the Innovative Scheme of UGC from 2014–15.
GOAL: To train Sanskrit scholars in the emerging field of Sanskrit Computational Linguistics showing the relevance of Indian grammatical theories to the field of Computational Linguistics, thereby bridging the gap between the past and the present.
This programme belongs to an emerging and hightech area of Natural Language Processing. The past few years have seen considerable growth in the field of Sanskrit Computational Linguistics. Five International conferences have been held in the past in this area. This course aims at desciminating this knowledge to the Sanskrit scholars. In order to deliver better technology, there is a need to train the man power so that they can take up the challanges thrown open by the new emerging field and provide meaningful solutions. This programme aims for it.
During the course, the students will be exposed to the basics of mathematics, statistics, logic, computer programming and NLP in addition to the exposure to the linguistics and strengthening their base of vyākaraṇa.
Minimum Qualification: M.A. (Sanskrit)
Preferable: Good knowledge of vyākaraṇa
Number of Seats: 8
Admission Procedure: Entrance Examination followed by an interview

Admission to Foreign Nationals:
Foreign nationals seeking admission through ICCR or other governmental agencies may apply to the University in the prescribed form through the respective bodies. However, self supporting foreign nationals may apply directly to the University for admission in the prescribed form.
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The University may consider admission of foreign nationals “in absentia”, on the basis of their desire “to be considered in absentia” if they possess a valid foreign passport at the time of applying to the University, irrespective of from where they have passed the qualifying examination, subject to the condition that they are found suitable for admission by the Admission Committee.
Those who have passed the qualifying examination from Universities outside India should enclose with their application, copies of relevant certificates, marks sheets together with the English version of such copies duly attested, if they are in a different language.

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    • Hi Sanjeev,
      email Amba Kulkarni (her address is at the end of the post) and explain her what motivates you to enroll in the course.