Squarcini on the authorship of the Yogasūtra

As most readers will know, Johannes Bronkhorst (1985) and Philipp Maas (2006, 2013, see also this post) have recently cast doubt on the traditional idea that the Yogasūtra has been authored by Patañjali and then commented upon by Vyāsa in the Yogabhāṣya. Some authors (such as Dominik Wujastyk, Jim Mallinson and Jonardon Ganeri, if I am not misunderstanding them) have accepted Maas’ view. Others don’t accept it without offering much explanation (see Shyam Ranganathan’s few lines in his Handbook of Indian Ethics). Federico Squarcini engages in his translation and study of the Yogasūtra in a longer discussion of this view,

Philosophers’ Carnival 155

The 155th Philosophers’ Carnival has recently been published!

For those who are new to the Philosophers’ Carnival: Each month (around the 10th) a different blog hosts the Carnival. The blogger selects interesting blog posts about all topics of philosophy (including the philosopher’s profession), based on her own interests and on what has been submitted here (where you can also find the list of all previous editions of the Carnival). Thus, if you want to see more Sanskrit (etc.) Philosophy featured, be sure to signal interesting blog-posts (either your own ones or someone else’s ones) about it.

Group blog on Sanskrit (and) Philosophy

I am firmly convinced that any purpose we might want to achieve within Sanskrit (and) philosophy can only be achieved through a joint effort (alone, we will never be influential enough). Further, working together means more fun:-) This is the foundation of the Coffee Break Project (see here) and I would like it to be the foundation also of a group blog on topics of Sanskrit (and) philosophy. It should work along the lines of other group blogs in the field of (Western) philosophy (see for instance: http://www.newappsblog.com/ or http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/) or of Chinese philosophy, see: http://warpweftandway.com/

(Tentative) Monthly planning

As in my previous blog, from now on, I will post:


—about job opportunities, Call for papers and the like on Wednesdays

—about books, articles, conference papers and the like on Fridays

—about my own (mostly philosophical, but sometimes also methodological) speculations on Mondays



—once in a month (last Friday of the month) an interview

—once in a month (last Monday of the month) a post in Sanskrit (mostly about Indian or Western philosophy)


Elisa Freschi Pro

I am moving to this blog from my previous one, on blogspot.com (here). The symbol of this new blog is a devanāgarī syllable read as pra. This means that, ideally, this should be an improved blog (a “pro” version of the blogspot.com one) while hinting at some of my main interests:

Prabhākara (the fonuder of one of the two main branches of the Mīmāṃsā school of exegesis, about whom you can read more by checking the label Prābhākara in my ancient blog)

pramāṇavāda, i.e., epistemology

Prakaraṇapañcikā, a text by the Prābhākara author Śālikanātha Miśra to whom I am particularly grateful, since he took time to explain Prabhākara’s philosophy for outsiders.

prakaraṇa, a chief concept in author-independent exegesis, i.e., mind the context

If you want to know more about me, read this page.