EAAA CONFERENCE—A Panel on the Reuse in visual and performative arts

After years of separate work on the topic of reuse (applied to texts, concepts and images, see the volume Re-Use 2012, edited by J. Hegewald; the panel on reuse at the 2013 DOT, and the one at the 2012 CBC), we (Cristina Bignami, Elisa Freschi and Julia Hegewald) now joined forces to organize a panel for the next EAAA conference in September 2014 (http://www.ea-aaa.eu/). The provisional title is Reuse at the Borders of South Asia: Himalayas and South India.

If you have been working on the topic of reuse or are willing to work through this approach on South Indian or, preferably, Himālayan materials, contact us. However, please note that we need to send the panel proposal by November the 15th, thus we would need to get in touch with us as soon as possible and to receive your title and abstract (around 250 words) by November the 1st.


Hegewald, Julia A. B., and Subrata Kumar Mitra (eds.). 2012. Re-use: the art and politics of integration and anxiety. New Delhi, India: SAGE.
Freschi, Elisa (2012) “Proposals for the study of quotations in Indian philosophical texts”. In Religions of South Asia, 6, pp. 161–189.
Bignami, Cristina (2014) “Re-use in the art field: the iconography of Yakṣī”. In Elisa Freschi (ed.), The re-use of texts in Indian philosophy (special issue of the Journal of Indian Philosophy 2014).

Other workshops and conferences on this topic organised by us:

2008     “Re-use: The Art and Politics of Integration and Anxiety” (Julia Hegewald with Subrata K. Mitra), European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, The University of Manchester
2012     “Quotations and re-use of texts in Sanskrit śāstras” (Elisa Freschi), Coffee Break Conference, “Sapienza” University of Rome
2013    “Adaptive Reuse of Texts, Ideas and Images” (Elisa Freschi with Philipp Maas), Deutscher Orientalisten Tag, Münster.

Comments and discussions are welcome. Be sure you are making a point and contributing to the discussion.

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