TOC of Adaptive Reuse of Texts, Ideas and Images

What does it mean for a Sanskrit author to reuse previously composed texts, concepts or images? What does (s)he want to achieve by doing it? On these topics, I am currently in the process of finishing a volume I edited together with Philipp Maas namely, Adaptive Reuse in premodern South Asian Texts and Contexts (or perhaps Adaptive Reuse. Reflections on its Practice in Pre-modern South Asia), to appaear in the series ‘Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes’, Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden. 
Meanwhile, we decided to post the tentative TOC of our volume:

    • Introduction, Elisa Freschi and Philipp Maas

Reuse of Philosophy and other Śāstras

    • On Parallel Passages in the Commentaries of Vācaspati Miśra and Bhaṭṭa Vāgīśvara, Yasutaka Muroya
    • Creativity within limits: Different usages of a single argument from Dharmakīrti’s Vādanyāya in Vidyānandin’s works, Himal Trikha
    • Traces of Reuse in Śaṅkara’s Commentary on the Brahma-Sūtra, Ivan Andrijanic
    • Adaptive Reuse of the Descriptive Technique of Pāṇini in Non-Pāṇinian Grammatical Traditions with Special Reference to 
 the Derivation of the Declension of the 1st and 2nd Person Pronouns, Malhar Kulkarni
    • From Śāstra to Kāvya: The Adaptive Reuse of Patañjali’s Yoga in Māgha’s Śiśupālavadha, Philipp A. Maas

Reuse of images and ideas

    • The Steadiness of a Non-steady Place: Re-adaptation of the Imagery of the Chariot, Elena Mucciarelli
    • Chariot Festivals: The Reuse of the Chariot as Space in Movement, Cristina Bignami
    • Methodological and practical remarks on the question of reuse in epic texts, Sven Sellmer

Quoting and Untraced texts — Forging by Quoting?

  • “This is Not a Quote”. Quotational Emplotment, Quotational Hoax, and Other Aberrant Cases of Textual Reuse in Sanskrit Poetics-cum-Dramaturgy, Daniele Cuneo
  • Quotation, Quarrel and Controversy in Early Modern South Asia: Appayya Dīkṣita and Jīva Gosvāmī on Madhva’s Untraceable Citations, Kiyokazu Okita
  • Reusing, Adapting, Distorting? Veṅkaṭanātha’s reuse of Rāmānuja, Yāmuna (and the Vṛttikāra) in his commentary ad Pūrva Mīmāṃsā Sūtra 1.1.1, Elisa Freschi
  • If you don’t know the source, blame it on a yāmala: Quotations and ghost titles in the Ṛgvedakalpadruma, Cezary Galewicz

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