One of the saddest things about getting older is that I can no longer take part of the annual IIGRS conferences!
Here is the CfP for the next one:

We are pleased to announce that the sixth International Indological Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS 6) will be held at the University of Hamburg on the 6th and 7th of October 2014. We would like to invite all M.A. and PhD students as well as early stage researchers, that is to say those who have completed their PhDs within the past five years, to send their abstracts to iigrsuk@googlemail.com by June 29th.

We will inform you about the outcome of your application no later than July 4th. If you would like to apply for separate funding and need the acceptance before July the 4th, please send us your abstract with a separate notification as soon as possible. All papers dealing with any indological research centered around the study of texts in their original language will be considered by the selection committee. For further information please have a look at our website at http://iigrs.byethost17.com or contact us directly at iigrsuk@googlemail.com.

We are currently sorting out several issues concerning funding, accommodation, and the participation fees, and will announce them on our website no later than the middle of April.

Yours faithfully,
Andrey Klebanov, Jonas Buchholz, Judith Unterdörfler

You can read my comments concerning the previous IIGRS here (on IIGRS in general), and here and here (on IIGRS 4).

Comments and discussions are welcome. Be sure you are making a point and contributing to the discussion.

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